Summit Nord built and installed a sauna for me that all my family and friends love. This concept of sauna surprises pleasantly even the biggest sauna lovers and skeptics. Thank you!

(sauna experience 60 years)

We were invited to test the Summit Nord sauna and its procedures on 9th of September. I am not a big fan of saunas but I was pleasantly surprised after visiting this sauna. Being in the sauna there was no feeling of wanting to run because due to lack of air or unbearable heat. The sensation of heat and humidity is excellent as was the procedures with whisks. The owner of the sauna willingly shared tips for those who want to install correct sauna in their home. I recommend it very much.

(sauna experience +10 years)

The stove left a great impression – I give eleven points out of ten. The expression “It’s small, but it produces steam like a boss” would be suitable for SUMMIT stove. Driving all the way home I couldn’t believe that such a small thing had so much powder in it and most importantly it was economical.

(sauna experience +40 years)

When you enter the sauna, you feel fresh and even cool. And after pouring a few cups of water, it changes immediately – you relax, you sweat, but it’s not too hot. And the ventilation of Air Sauna second breath is always refreshing. The sauna stove is just what we were looking for – similar to a smokesauna but you don’t need to take out the ashes before havins sauna.

(sauna experience +20 years)

Thank you for the kind welcome and the very good sensations in the steam room. An extraordinary experience, because we have never participated with a professional sauna master in sauna before. It was not surprising that the sauna itself is not overheated and is well ventilated before each procedure. Air Sauna second breath in the bench deserves a separate word, the whole is like putting on an oxygen mask. After the procedure, you can simply lie down even longer, because there is no feeling of lack of air. The stove does its job perfectly, the steam is gentle and the heat in the sauna is raising very quickly. We thank you for the recommendations when installing the sauna room and we hope to cooperate again.

Dainius and Gritė
(sauna experience +20 years)

We tried the sauna at Sigitas‘ place which we really liked – low temperature, pleasant warmth, gentle steam and wide benches. We decided to install just such a sauna with a Summit stove and other well-thought-out solutions that make a visit to the sauna an important health ritual.

Rūta and Donatas
(sauna experience +10 years)

The first word you want to say is RESTART. It seems that even sleep does not allow you to restart yourself as well as Summit Sauna! And it was very new to me that you didn’t have to suffer in skin-scorching heat to get to the RESTART state. Every moment from start to finish was enjoyable, full of harmony and balance.

I was pleasantly surprised by Air Sauna second breath (I have never encountered it anywhere). I also really liked the wide benches, because it is not only practical during drying, but also very convenient to put your feet up.


I rarely go to a sauna but I would happily go to a sauna like this every week! I really liked that the temperature is perfectly balanced, there is always enough oxygen, and what to say about the fabulous whisking ritual.

I would never have thought that good ventilation could be of such great importance to the sauna ritual. It seems that you can experience two saunas both of which are called SAUNA, but in one case you have no experience, and in the other – a divine one. This is exactly what Summit sauna is about – a perfectly balanced, perfect installation with skillfully performed procedures.