Tunnel extension

For thicker walls, an additional 93mm fuel extension can be installed.

An additional fuel extension is supplied together with a 310mm threaded rod connecting two fuel extensions.

A larger number of fuel extensions can be installed. When installing 3 or more fuel extensions, the buyer needs to purchase M8 threaded rods of the required length (eg, when installing 3 extensions, a threaded rod of 410 mm is required).

When installing additional fuel extensions, their joints must also be covered with heat-resistant sealant during assembly (supplied when purchasing the stove).

The stove is equipped with an ash drawer, the handle of which is adapted for convenient use, when installing 1-2 fuel extensions. When installing 3 or more firewood extensions, it is necessary to take into account the ease of use, since firewood will have to be loaded through a longer tunnel, and the handle of the ash drawer will accordingly be further from the edge of the door.