SUMMIT open w/ stone cage

Cast iron furnace

For sauna rooms up to 25m3

SUMMIT weights 2-3 times more than an ordinary sauna heater. It is a huge heat accumulator not only for practically endless steam, but also retaining the heat for drying the sauna room.

This model includes firm minimalist design stone cage with stone holding platforms for air flow.

The extra-heavy stone tray generates a large amount of soft low-dispersion steam. It is practically non-pourable.

It is easy to get the right 60/60 ratio – humidity / temperature. Ordinary sauna heaters cannot obtain humidity with such temparature.

Double combustion chamber: twice less firewood, protected chimney.

There are no welding points for cast iron elements, the walls thickness is 10-12mm.

Large panoramic door glass.

Possibility to heat the water.

Ready to use in 1-1,5 hours.

The service life of the sauna stove is approximately 30 years.

60 years of experience in cast iron casting.

Quality control from manufacturing to assembly.

5-year warranty and fast technical service.



Size of sauna room<25 m 3
Complete setsauna stove with stone cage
Sauna stove typewood-burning
Length of firewood40 cm
Door typeenlarged
Sauna stove materialCast iron
Sauna stove weight190 kg
Dimensions of sauna stove (length x width x height)340 x 640 x 490 mm
Portal extension93 mm
Dimension of door panel (length x width x height)500 x 90 x 550 mm
Door glass size, (width x height)315 x 252 mm
Stone cage (length x width x height)520 x 600 x 680 mm
Stone cage materialSteel
Stones in a stone cage140 kg
Chimney diameter115 mm

Accessories that can be purchased additionally:

Heat-retaining sauna stones – serpentinite. The recommended fraction of sauna stones is 7-15 cm.

Additional portal extension – 93mm.

Chimney stone cage (length x width x height) – 250 x 250 x 300 mm