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Why should you choose the SUMMIT sauna stove?

Or the birth of probably the best constant combustion sauna stove manufactured in LITHUANIA.

Sauna is health, beauty, love for yourself and for the environment! We are sauna professionals and sauna for us is the place that purges of all pollutants, toxins and stress. It clears out your body and mind.

We are the market leader and our purpose is to educate our customers the correct sauna concept from the beginning of the project to the understanding of sauna rituals. We offer only the best sauna solutions to our customers and partners.

How were durable sauna stoves born?

10-20 years ago people’s attitude towards saunas was very simple. It was believed that installing any wood-burning sauna stove would create a great sauna, regardless of manufacturer or design. Probably 95% of people had such an attitude about sauna stoves. The similar type of sauna stoves dominated and there was little knowledge about a real sauna. These days the attitude is changing fundamentally due to accecable information on internet.

There are 3 main types of sauna stoves:

  1. Electric heaters for saunas
  2. Constant combustion sauna stoves
  3. Periodic combustion sauna stoves

If you ask professional sauna masters which sauna stove is the best, most of them would choose a periodic combustions sauna stove.

We understand the huge difference between ordinary sauna stoves, periodic combustion sauna stoves or even a black sauna. The comfort of these saunas cannot be confused with anything else.

The main advantage of periodic combustion sauna stove is the high load temperature +4500C and soft steam or sauna mode 60/60 temperature/humidity, but it is large in size, takes a lot of space, requires 4-5 hours to prepare, uses a lot of firewood and requires to remove embers.

For these reasons we started looking for permanent combustion sauna stove that could heat the load up to +5000C and it would not be possible to pour over. After a long search, we managed to find cast iron sauna stoves.

Why is a cast iron load good?

  1. In ancient times nobles loaded their sauna stoves with cast iron ingots while ordinary people have used stones from the fields or rivers. They do not withstand high temperatures in the long run and break.
  2. In large commercial sauna stoves where loads can reach up to 3 tons, cast iron ingots are the main load, because only they can generate soft, small dispersion steam during 10-12 hours.
  3. Nothing dramaticaly happens to a cast iron load during 100 years.
  4. Easy to reach the ratio of 60/60 temperature/humidity.

Extensive experience in using, installing and servicing cast iron sauna stoves has allowed us to create the Summit sauna stove made in the EU.

60 years of experience in casting cast iron has made it possible to create a long-lasting sauna stove Summit, which not only generates a large amount of soft, small dispersion steam, is practically non-pourable, but also saves your entire sauna room.

The SUMMIT cast iron stove, which weighs from 190 kg or more than 400 kg with a steam generator box and sauna stones in the stone cage, can obtain a 60/60 ratio (temperature/humidity) and requires only 1 – 1.5 h to get your sauna ready. Also the sauna stove is durable, its service life reaches 30 years, and the stone tray is practically non-pourable.

Sigitas Pašakinskas, founder of Summit Nord

Our range includes the most popular SUMMIT sauna stove models:

  • OPEN for masonry
  • OPEN with stone cage
  • EXTENDED for masonry
  • EXTENDED with stone cage
  • EXTENDED with soapstone cladding

Installation, service, guarantees.


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